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Post image for Should Dark Data be brought to light?

Dark data has become a topic of interest for many companies over the last few years.  So, is the term as scary as it sounds?  What is dark data?  Gartner defines dark data as “the information assets organizations collect, process and store during regular business activities, but generally fail to use for other purposes (for […]

Customers often ask how to use Discovery Attender to identify messages sent from or to someone outside their organization.  When dealing with a single domain, say for example, the search is straightforward. You would simply use ‘Address’ as your criteria, and on the Search Wizard’s ‘Choose address’ page, use the ‘Find Any Address listed […]

Post image for The future of cloud email and why it’s here to stay

Cloud-based email offerings have become one of the hottest trends and is a consideration for IT departments across the globe.  By migrating email to hosted providers, companies allow vendors to handle all the pesky details of hardware and network management while they focus on their own core business.  Because of this, many organizations have seen improved efficiency and […]

The Altitude IG July update introduces new features for the eDiscovery, Reporting & Analytics and Administration modules. The following list details the changes in each area:  eDiscovery Module Updates eDiscovery searches can be configured to return the full text of a portion of the search results set. When creating a search, the number of full-text results to return (between 100 […]

Musings of Chip and PIN

As part of the technical support team at Sherpa Software, I often receive calls asking how to use our eDiscovery tools to scan for Payment Card Industry (PCI) data, whether it’s located in email messages or attachments or on file shares. In the past, I’ve written extensively about the recent rash of credit and debit […]

Piles of Files!

In a previous blog article, I talked about what to consider when creating retention policies for email. I spoke about things to consider when managing messages. Now, it’s time to talk about the elephant in the room- files. Many email administrators think that messages would win the prize for existing in the most locations and […]